About Us

About Us


Xingyo Industry, home of the machining coolant filter, is always believe in the motto, “Excelsior.” Thanks to the sophisticated self-examination in composing, the quality of our products are located at a high level, which caters to the global manufacturer.


In light of the global situation, Xingyo Industry has been pushing ourselves and rise to the next level. Our new generation products don’t only have better values, but also require less material, which allow consumers to economize in processing. In short, it’s a win-win situation.

Future Tendency

As the Industrial age heralds the new era is coming, Xingyo Industry seized the chance to merge the one-on-one filtering systems to the main filtering system backed up by the big data. The brand new system will be in charge of several machine tools’ filtering assignments. It’s expected to significantly reduce the production cost. Leave your old filters stained with dust in the warehouse, and embrace the cutting-edged Xingyo Industry filters to freshen up the assembly line.